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Trinkaus Park At the Oriskany Museum

Purple Flower Vine

Oriskany Village Museum, which is perpetuating the memory of the USS Oriskany aircraft carrier, has moved to new quarters in Trinkaus Park, Oriskany, NY.

Trinkaus Park

At this park on the grounds of the Oriskanny Museum, is where you will see the memorials to the USS Oriskanny, The "Mighty O".

Oriskanny Museum Plaque

These 2 words say alot, without saying alot

USS Oriskany Memorials

A somber setting for a somber and sacred site

A-4E Skyhawk Fighter Jet Plaque

USS Oriskanny

These 3 photos are various angles of the USS Oriskanny, The "Mighty O"

Memorial Plaque To The Captain Of USS Oriskanny

This plaque, which can be found ont he Anchor from the USS Oriskanny, is a memorial to the Captain of The "Mighty O"

A-4E Skyhawk

WOW! What an awesome site to behold!

The "Mighty O"

Tthe USS Oriskanny

The following memorials are in memory of those who fought and died for our country and it's freedom

USS Oriskanny Casualties Of Korea & Viet Nam

WWI & WWII Plaque

Desert Sheild Desert Storm Plaque

USS Oriskanny Bell

This is the actual Bell from the USS Oriskanny

Commanding Officers Of The USS Oriskanny

WWI & WWII Memorial

USS Oriskanny Anchor Plaque

USS Oriskany Anchor

The actual Anchor from the USS Oriskanny

Time Capsule Rock

Oneida County Bicentenial
           Time Capsule
            1798 - 1998
To Be Opened May 1, 2048