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Erotic Couplings

MissstressXXX's Erotic Writings
Wednesday, 11 January 2006
Afternoon Heat
Mood:  amorous
Topic: Erotic Couplings
He was the kind of man that could spark a flame within her pulse, and all the while, romancing her with deep dark eyes, a sensual smile, devilish may care attitude, commanding the moment, yet; always making her the central focus of his time.

This talk of hot passion and nights of fulfilled fantasies, memories buried deep within the recesses of the whirlwind, roller-coaster, carousal ride of forbidden sweets and tidbits of lust, only served to entice her hunger ... to know more of him.

And of course ... knowing him made the journey so worth ... the purchase of the ticket.

The phone rang.

"Hello" I said.

"Come see me, " he said. "Now, my body, my cock, my lips need you."

"Now?" I said, with hesitation.

"Yes, now ... I'm waiting for you," as his voice trailed off into a slower pace.

"OK, but I need a few minutes here, then I can get the subway downtown, " I managed to say.

"Hurry, " he replied.

The connection broke.

It's so hot ... even the cool rush of the shower won't drench the heat off her body. It's a fire within her that she can't put out; each and every time she hears his voice. It's been several weeks since she last saw him. And her body so needs him.

The subway is hot, sticky and she feels the trickles of water cascading down her skin. Not even the low movement of air on the train car can make her cool down.

OK, composure, she thinks. I'm not going to let him control me like this. He just ... but I let him, don't I? As her thoughts take her to previous encounters with him. "Dammit, not this time, " she mumbles under her breath.

I emerge up from the subway, to the sweltering late afternoon heat of the city street, bouncing it back and forth like a rubber ball against the buildings, it never ends and there's no air to move it along. Thankfully the apartment building is just around the corner from the subway exit. I'm drowning in my own perspiration.

I arrive at the door, and buzz the apt. number, a buzz is returned and the door unlocks... I enter the lobby and see the elevator door open, just in time. Whew! This is not working out for me ... my legs are sweaty, the heat between my thighs is raging and I can feel the droplets forming on my flesh, and damn ... I forgot panties in my haste to get dressed. Mmmmm.

I reach the floor, get off to ~ yet, another wave of heat. One would think that these buildings would supply air movement of some sort, but not here. I knock on the door ... it opens.

I'm quickly pulled inside, pulled into his body as his face rushes to mine, and lips lock down on my mouth, as his other hand pushed the door closed, his tongue pushes against mine in a fierce search of lust. Our tongues twisting, and lips pulling and mouths locking in breath for each other continues as I'm guided backwards to the bedroom. NO, hello's, or verbal talk ... just the sucking of face and the "please don't let me fall, ” thought in my head and I'm lead backwards through the apartment.

I'm held there, hands roaming my body, his lips on my lips, his tongue licking my neck, my ears, my mouth, over and over, no words yet from his mouth, only the sucking of my flesh on his mouth, and my breath, as I gasp in sheer lust of this unexpected moment, pants between his kisses.

His skillful hands, unbuttoned my blouse....I feel it slip from my shoulders, as a new feeling washed over me, and his hands were cupping my breasts, within my bra. I feel his erect cock as he brushed up against me and pulled me closer to reach back and undo my bra, and release the restriction on my ample breasts. His hand cups my right breast and his mouth suckles the hard pinkish nipple and I'm left with a moment of weakness as he gently flicks his tongue over my breast, my mind is a blur for an instance.

I don't know when he pushed me onto the bed, but I felt the floor go out from under me and my flesh felt his wet kiss down my stomach, as my pants were leaving my hips... I heard him whisper, "I love your sweet pussy ... don't change nothing there, OK?"

I managed an "OK" and closed my eyes as he took me, again, and I had no control.
His tongue found my velvet valley wet, the ripeness of my clit, sucked outward into his mouth, his tongue wet and playful ... and I moaned against my arm ... not willing to give in to him, but held captive in his grip. My legs trembled against his broad shoulders and my hands clutched the bed covers and pulled them to me, as if they would protect me from the lust I crave.

"Oh, please ... don't make me cum, not right now, I pleaded, " as I pushed for leverage against his grip on my hips. This only excited him more, and I felt him push a finger into my pussy, as his mouth continued to suck my clit.

Wave after wave of sensual tingles seem to wash over me, as his tongue, lips and mouth sucked the very woman out of me, and I found myself ... wanting to fuck him, to suck that throbbing, thick rod of his and let him moan against the air that wanted to smother me from within. My body, betraying me at every lick of his tongue on my clit, his fingers working the inside of my hot juicy honey pot, and that thumb, positioned just below my asshole, had me working to keep from pulling him into me more, as my hand reached for the back of his head.

Upward, my hips thrust against his mouth, wanting to have him deep inside me, or cum now, so he would fuck me... only to find that he was enjoying toying with me, in this manner. He would look at my chest, rising and falling frantically as gasps of air escaped my mouth.

"You like me eating you, say it, “ He says. "Tell me, let me hear you say it." His finger crooks up to find my "g" spot, and wiggles his finger against the muscle of my flesh.
"Yes, " I whisper. "I want you to lick my clit, "

"No, that is not what I told you to say, now say it right." He said more sternly.
"Ok, ok, " I gasped. My mind, was whirling in lustful pools of fucking that finger, tapping away inside my pussy. "I like you eating me." I managed with some poise in my voice.

"Really?" He said, questionably. {Like this never occurred to him that I did}
"Yes." I rose up and looked directly at him with a purpose. "Yes!" As I’m thinking ...what female in her right mind would say "no" at a moment like this, does he think I’m mad?

He derives pleasure from knowing my answer is for him and him alone, and he begins again to have me whither at the mere touch of his mouth on me. Just teasing whispers of breathe, and then he's coming toward me, his face only inches from mine. I taste his mouth, it lingers of the sweet juices of my pussy, his tongue, erect in my mouth so that I can suck it, as if it was his cock... and that makes me so hot, wanting that, the taste of him, the milky thick cum of his cock on my lips... "Mmmmm” and I mummer the throaty sound aloud.

He knows me. He has unmasked me. I have no power over him, but with him, I am all that he perceives me to be. He allows that free spirit to soar, to hunt, to lust, to devour the very essence of my sexual prowlessness. How can I refuse him?
He leaves me, lying naked on the bed, and walks out the bedroom door. He reappears with two cold glasses of wine. He hands me one, as I sit up in bed, and casually walks over to the bedside chair and sits.

"Dance for me, " he says with that near perfect Hispanic dialect. He takes the controller, pressed a button and I hear the faint sounds of erotic music rise in volume.
I stand up in the bed, my balance waivers, but I gain footing. I listen for the beat to find my hips swaying slowly side-to-side. My hands, move across my body and caress my flesh, and I concentrate on the eye contact with him.

"Lay down on the bed and face me, take your hands and spread your pussy lips so I can see your clit, yes... that's it. Now take your fingers and insert one into your pussy ... move it in and out slowly, the other hand, I want you to squeeze your tit for me, make that nipple hard. His voice is firm, yet... lustful, as he raises his glass to his lips, and drinks, all the while, never loosing contact with my eyes.

My mind is reeling at the thought of him looking at me, masturbating to his commands, losing control when I said I wouldn't ... yet, here ... I'm here to be fucked, and I know he will, sooner or later, when he's tired of watching ... when he thinks I'm ready, he will come and fuck me, fuck me hard, and I’ll be satisfied, and sad at the same time.

I open my eyes, only to find him over me, my head almost hanging off the edge of the bed, he has his cock just above my mouth, and I reach for the head of his cock, and he backs away from me. I feel a wet liquid splatter on my stomach and realize he has just poured wine on me. He leans over and licks it from my flesh... and his hot cock brushes my cheek. I grab his cock and pull it to my mouth, and I lick it... long wet licks to the underside, and my tongue flicks playfully around the rim, sucking the outer part tenderly and breathing his scent, is intoxicating to me... his balls, just behind my forehead, rest against my hair. I suck him into my mouth, he leans in to me, letting me taste him, sweet pre-cum explodes on my tongue and I want more of his cum. My hands are around his cock, stroking and pulling, not letting go. I want to pump him, to have him fuck my mouth, and cum to me hard, and wash my throat with his milky cum. I want him to surrender to me. He pulls away, just as I open my mouth to take in more of him.

"Come here and stand against the bed, lean over, give me that ass ... yes, " he says so calmly, "I'm going to fuck my pussy, yes... you want me to put this eight inch hot cock inside you, don't you, tell me... say, I want your big thick cock in my papi's pussy."
I'm leaning into the bed, my ass completely against his cock... as he smacks my ass with his cock. I hear the pop, as it bounces off my ass and he takes the head and moves it closer to my hot wet pussy, but sliding up to my clit and rubbing it, back and forth.
I was so in the moment that I completely forgot what I was suppose to be doing.
Smack! I felt his hand hit my ass and I was stunned by the stinging sensation of my tender ass. I turned my head half way round to look at him, standing there, proudly looking back at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Did you hear me", he said. "Say what I told you and I'll give you this cock to ride."
"Oh", I stammered ... then realized he had been talking to me while I was off in never never land, thinking of fucking him and having my way for a change.

"I want you to take that big cock and fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck papi's pussy and make it yours, " I replied in a low voice.

"Louder", he said and smacked my ass again, but more playfully this time.
I raised my head off the bed, positioned myself on my hands, and said to the air, "I want you to fuck me... fuck me with that big, hard, thick cock. My papi's pussy needs her cock, hummmm let me feel the head slip inside. Yes... come to me, come let me ride you and make me cum." My hips began to bounce up and down, back and forth to push and pull more of that fuckrod into my tender velvety tight pussy. I began to fuck him, to fuck me, to slide on that wet juicy shaft and to squeeze his cockhead, feeling the rim hit my muscles from all sides... and I sucked him with my pussy, sucked and fucked him...

His left hand slipped around my waist and pulled me tighter against him, his right hand, balled up in my long hair, pulled my head up from the bed, arching my back as I twisted and churned against his slippery cock.

"Fuck me," I moaned, "fuck me!" My hand reached down to find my hard wet clit and I frantically rubbed it to the rhythm of his slamming cock in my pussy. I could feel the sweat drip off my tits and a hand reached up to squeeze the round globe, swaying to the bump-fuck-bump and yes.... "I’m going to cum all over your cock, any moment." In my mind, I’m speaking, but only the moan of panting pleasure is heard in the room.

Again, I hear the "popping" sound, and I'm pushed onto the bed, and lifted, as I realize I’m not attached to his cock, but now my legs are spread open in a "V" and his face lowers to my face, his body hovers above me... and he raises up, his hands grab my ankles, his throbbing cock pushes between my pussy lips, the bulbously head enters slowly, letting me adjust to the girth of his cock, and then slams inside of me, burring deeper and deeper until I think he's going to pop my chest!

I let out a scream and try to push my hips backwards in the bed to keep from splitting open, or so it seems. I feel him; pause... as my body makes the adjustments and I breathe, once, then twice and I feel full of cock, so full I can't move. My pussy tightens around him and I feel every inch, ridge and contour of his cock inside of me. I don’t want to move. I feel his mouth, wet and warm upon my lips, his tongue searching for mine, and I’m lost as I become one with his body.

“Mmmmmm, ” I mummer. “You feel so good inside,” as my hips begin to rock in a circular motion.”

“You like this cock.” He whispers into my ear. Not like a question, but a statement of fact.

“Yes, I do, ” I replied. “You know it’s just not the sex, but damn, it’s the best with you.”
“Better than any other men you fucked?”, He asked.

I could see his eyes glint in the semi darkness … that fire like quality that had me hooked the first moment I saw him. I felt him plunge deeper inside of me at the moment.

“Yes … you are my northern gent, my best lover, my best fuck, ” I replied. “No other can make me feel this way, or cum so many times, and you always leave me satisfied, no matter what.”

Content with my reply, he began to pump me, my legs crossing over his lower back to bring him deeper into me … my hips thrusting against his and the rhythm mounts in a fast pace, up and down, moaning, and gasps of breath become lost, my muscles tighten, my climax rushing to the edge, as I wanted to cum on his cock. I reached down and my fingers felt that thick slick shaft, going in and out, hot and wet papi’s pussy all around him.

“I’m going to cum, I scream!” My head fell back against the bed and my grip on his lower back tightened. My need was urgent, my pussy, opened to take that cock, pumping me, as deep as I could.

“I wanna fuck that pussy, I wanna fuck that pussy.” He repeated over and over between the thrusts and grinds, pushing harder against my body, for more of me to take him.
I felt him tighten up, bearing down on me, with one final thrust of his hips, burying his cock deeper inside of me. My legs, trembled, my hips pressed upwards to receive as much male essence as I can, my pussy pulsing against his hot cock …

“Now! Give me that fucking cock, now! Fuck me, fuck me!” My words muffled against his shoulder. “Ooooooooooooooo, yes!”

“Wanna fuck the pussy, wanna fuck the pussy, my pussy, yes, yes!” His words trailing off to form that male moan of climax! “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m cumming”, he grunted as he thrust against me on last time.

The heat of the moment passed. I realized that for the first time, we fucked. Lustful, licking, sucking, no holds bar, damn right fucked! I turned over, faced the window, watching the city lights flicker, the breeze lightly moving the curtains, and I was content.

For the moment.

Posted by golddusteddreams at 1:08 AM EST
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