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Gold Dusted Dreams, The Web Site!
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My Photos

Purple Flower Vine

Here I will display pictures of my hometown, and other locations in and around beautiful Upstate NY.  I will also display photos of my boyfriend, friends, and special events that happen in my neck of the woods.

Tina & Ed

This is a picture, taken in October of 2001, of me and my boyfriend Ed that was taken @ SPAC (The Saratoga Performing Arts Center) in Saratoga, NY while we were visiting a very good friend of ours, Sean & his wife Bernadette, affectionately known as Bernie. 

Me & BRC

WOW! Me & Billy Ray Cyrus, can you believe it?!

Sean & Ed

Sean & Ed, long time friends!


This is our good friend Missy.  She's fun to be around and with.

Olympic Torch Run 2001.jpg

The Olympic Torch Comes To New Hartford, NY, On It's Way To Salt Lake City, Utah.

Winter 2001.jpg

Winter 2001, My First, But Not My Last Winter In Upstate NY.

Looking Good.jpg

Ed Racing In Saratoga, NY

Go Get 'Em Tiger.jpg

Ed Getting Ready To Race in Saratoga, NY


A horse, in what Ed calls God's Country.  Actually, it's on the way to West Winfield.