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Vacation Photos

Purple Flower Vine

Here are some pictures from a recent vacation I took.  I'll describe each picture from my vacation, including information such as where and when it was taken, and what wonderful memories my vacation brings back.

These four pictures are not from a vacation, but Ed & I did go there for a race.  I have been at the Inn for a wedding in September 2001.  It was the brother of a friend.  The Green Room is as beautiful as the picture shows, and so is the Lobby!  This is a wonderful place for a wedding reception.

Melly & Akis

This is not a vacation that I've taken, but it is a dream of mine to visit some day.  This is a picture of a very, very dear friend of mine whom I meant via The Big Blue Marble thru JR HS.  It was an English assignment in 6th grade, if memory serves, and Melly was one of 4 pen pals I received and she is the only one who has kept in contact with me over the years.  I had one in Norway, one in England, Melly in Greece and I have forgotten where the 4th one was from.  In any event, Melly and I have kept in contact with each other for the past 20+ years.  She even asked me to be her Maid of Honor.  I would have loved to have gone to Greece and met her and been a part of her special day, but unfortunately, I was unable to afford it at the time.  Melly & her husband, Akis, live in Athens with their two boys, Stratos and Anthony.

Colgate Inn

The Dutch-colonial style Colgate Inn opened in 1925 in the heart of picturesque Hamilton, New York, just two blocks from prestigious Colgate University. This quaint village is replete with classic examples of Federal, Queen Anne and Victorian architecture. With all its Upstate charm, the Colgate Inn provides every convenience of today.

The green Room

The spacious Green Room offers an elegant setting for banquets of up to 190 guests. The Inn also has two cozy and relaxing restaurants with diverse menus. Gather in the convivial 1840 Tap Room or dine fireside in the gracious Payne Street Corners. 

Colgate Inn

The Dutch colonial style Colgate Inn opened in 1925 in the center of Hamilton. A hotel has stood on this site since 1800.

Lobby Of The Colgate Inn

The Colgate Inn is ready to welcome you--whether you are an individual looking for a home away from home for a single night or a group looking
for a charming place to meet!