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Places Of Interest

Purple Flower Vine

On this page I will show some interesting places to see and visit in Onieda County

Ed's Boilermaker Brick

Now the brick itself is not a "place of interest", but the park that it's in, is.  It's the Boilermaker Park.  The bricks that are there, all bought by local residents who either particpate in the race or have friends and family who participate, represent the entire 9.3 mile Boilermaker race route.  It's not entirely finished, as it still has about 5 miles to go before it is completed.

Tower Of Hope

The Tower Of Hope was dedicated in 1975 to the humanitatian spirit of Bob Hope, the first citizen of the World.

Mayor Tim Julian

The Mayor of the City Of Utica.  Tim is also a very good friend of Ed's.  He's not your typical "stuffed shirt politician,"  he's an all round nice guy and concerned for his City and it's residents.

Downtown Utica @ Night

Centrally located in New York State, Utica is a short drive from Olympic class snow ski runs, major league sports, world class shows, hundreds of lakes and countless other activities. Great shopping, friendly neighbors, the best restaurants anywhere and affordable costs of living make Utica a natural choice which should be your first choice when selecting a new home for your family and/or business.

Archway To Hanna Park

Edward A. Hanna Park, a symbol of his ideas and tireless energy.

Hanna Park Arch

Gates into Forest Hills

The gates into Forest Hill are breathtaking.  It's almost like going into a castle.

Forest Hills Plaque

Forest Hill Cemetery. Well known names of Utica Families are buried here, from the Munson's, the William's, to the Proctor's.  We even have a United States Vice President buried here.  James Schoolcraft Sherman.

1950's McDonalds

A change of pace from the usual McDonald's that you see in your hometowns.  We do have the traditional looking ones, but this is a nostalgic look back at the 1950's style McDonald's.  I'm surprised they don't have waitresses on roller skates.

Mcdonald's Roadster

Another nostalgic look back at a 1950's McDonald's, complete with a roadster from that era.

Hanna Park Water Fountain

"Have a wonderful relaxing moment - give yourself a human treat"  1976

The Armory

New York State Armory, Utica, New York.  HHC 2nd Battalion, 108th Infantry, Regiment (Light), NY ARNG

FX Matt Brewery

As one of the few remaining great American regional breweries, the Matt Brewing Company has prospered at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Central New York for over a century. Under the leadership of the third (Nicholas) and fourth (Fred) generations of the Matt Family, the Brewery has earned the reputation as one of the most respected specialty brewers in the country, producing a variety of distinctive, flavorful beers.

The Utica Zoo Arch

The Utica Zoo has served the region for over 80 years. Located in Roscoe Conkling Park, the zoo is part of a recreational complex made possible by the donation of land from Thomas R. Proctor in 1909. The zoo has grown from its small beginnings with three fallow deer to its present collection of 200 animals. Of the 80 acres of land set aside for the zoo' s use, 30 are presently developed.

The Utica Zoo

The zoo property is owned by the City of Utica, and, until 1964, was operated by the Parks Department. In order to ensure the Utica Zoo' s continued existence, the Utica Zoological Society assumed management of the facility in 1964. The opening of the Children' s Zoo in 1967 was officiated by Marlin Perkins.


Gates out of Forest Hills

The backside of the gates of Forest Hill Cemetery are just as impressive looking as the front side of the gates

Paul Revere Copper, Inc

With 200 years of history, Revere Copper Products stands proud as one of America's oldest companies, and one of the world's top copper and brass suppliers.  When famed patriot Paul Revere founded our company in 1801, America was just finding her place in the world. Now, 200 years after becoming the New World's first supplier of copper. Revere's goal is to be the best in the world, and to achieve absolute customer satisfaction through our commitment to quality and reliability.

Francis Bellamy Historic Marker

The original author of the pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. The pledge he wrote was first used on October 21, 1892, the four hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America.

Kingsley Chapel

The Kingsley Chapel at the entrance to the Rome Cemetery.

Flags at Val Bialis Ski Lodge

The Val Bialas Recreation Center, which is located on the Memorial Parkway, is believed to operate the only t-bar and chairlift within city limits in the country. The winter sports complex, within the city's Roscoe Conkling Park, has a 400-foot hill with lights for evening alpine skiing; cross-country trails and an ice skating rink. The area also is popular for sledding. In warmer weather, tennis courts offer instruction. The center is named after ice skater Valentine Bialas who brought fame to the area by competing in three Winter Olympic Games: 1924 at Chamonix, France; 1928 in St. Moritz, Switzerland, and 1932 in Lake Placid. He also qualified in 1936 for Olympic competition in Garmisch, Germany, but had to withdraw because he lost a leg in a railway accident. Yet, he continued to compete with an artificial leg.

Francis Ballamy's Original Pledge

The original Pledge of Allegiance was as follows: "I pledge allegiance to my flag and (to) the Republic for which it stands - one Nation indivisable - with liberty and justice for all."

Francis Bellamy's Grave Marker

Francis Bellamy: B 1855 D 1931.  On June 14, 1954, Flag Day, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed into law House Joint Resolution 243, introduced by Representative Louis C. Rabaut of Mischigan, which added to the original pledge, the controversial words "under god."

Francis Bellamy Marker


The Masonic Home

The Soldiers & Sailors Hospital on the grounds of the Masonic Home, which is situated on a beautiful 400-acre campus located in scenic Central, NY.